Video lesson plan in the 9th form.

Video lesson plan in the 9th form.

Subject: Hope for environment. 10 ways to save the Earth.

Objectives: to review and practice phrases for discussing options, to develop students’ communicative skills, skills to cooperate in groups and express their point of view, to bring up the desire to save and improve the environment.

Aids: printed words (key-words to the exercise), printed parts of the proverb, handout with the while-viewing exercise, video clip, video presentation, audio track.

The procedure of the lesson

I. The Beginning

1. Greeting.

2. Subject and objectives presentation. (Students’ expectations and teacher’s objectives.)

3. Warm-up. (Brainstorming: arrange parts of the proverb and say which of them you like best. Think of Ukrainian equivalents.)

Prevention is better…than cure.

The frog doesn’t drink…up the pond in which he lives.

It’s easier to raise the devil…than lay him.

One good turn … deserves another.

4. Checking  home assignment. (eco news)

II. The main part. Material presentation.

1. How to discuss options. Reading.

2. Ex. a), p.91. Speaking.

3. Ex. II, p.92. Listening.

4. Pair-work. Ex. III, a), p.92 (mini-dialogues).

5. Pair-work. Ex.b), p.94 (read and respond).

6. Pre-viewing activity:

We are going to watch a video about pollution. Let’s remind what kinds of pollution and pollutants we were talking at the previous lessons. Build a word map.

Pollution                                     Pollutants

7. While-watching activity:

You have to learn about other kinds of pollution. So,

Watch the interview with Pam Rutherford, BBC Science Reporter, and write down the environmental terms to these definitions:

1.____________________is when foreign substances or contaminants are introduced into the natural environment or ecosystem.

2.___________________ is the one from the cars.

3.___________________is when Waste products end up in rivers and waterways.

4.___________________ can be caused by big airports.

5.___________________can be caused by big cities.

8. Post-viewing activity.

a) Complete the word-map with kinds of pollution and pollutants you have just learnt about.

b)What should we do reduce pollution and save our Planet? In groups discuss the problem and design a Charter “10 top ways to save the Earth.”

Charter is a document, an informal collection of laws which have no juridical power.

You may do it in the form of the list, a spider, a flower etc. Try to use short clear sentences or commands.

9. Charter’s presentation.

III. 1. Feedback.

Return to our objectives and tell what you have learnt, what activities you like. Do you feel more environmentally confident?

2. Marks.

3. Home assignment. Ex. b), p.94.

4. A song “I’d like to teach the world to sing…”