Літній англомовний табір

Crazy Bee team

The importance of English in our school

Results of the survey

Crazy Bee team interviewed 25 people in our school. 9 of them were teachers, 7- pupils of the 9th – 6 th forms and 9 were our team mates.

We asked 5 questions:

  • What language did you learn at school?
  • Do you think English is important for you?
  • Why?
  • How many years have you studied it?
  • Would you like to improve your knowledge?

We have learnt that most of our teachers studied English for 6 – 7 years at school. Only some of them had French and German. All of them think that English is important nowadays, because it is the international language of communication, science and business. It opens the world. Some of them have relatives in Australia and the USA, so it is important for travelling. Most of t hem would like to improve their skills. Only 3 persons think that it’s too late.

All pupils of the 9th – 6 th forms we interviewed believe that English is important for them. It opens the way to successful future. It helps to communicate worldwide, to study and work abroad, to travel and to be intelligent. Many of them think that English is not so easy to learn. All of them want to improve their knowledge and we are sure they will.

We also asked the same questions our 9 team mates. Everybody is sure that English is important for us. We would like to make friends from different countries and talk with them. We want to travel and feel comfortable in foreign countries. We wish to read news and play new computer games.

So, we definitely know that English is important in our school and we will try to do our best to learn it.

We also find some interesting facts about English.

Facts about English The sentence” The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” is unique because it has all the letters of the alphabet.

The word “Good bye” sounded “God be with ye” in Old English.

The word “gift” in English means a present, but in German it has the meaning “poison”.

The word “Dreamt” is the only word that ends in “mt”.

In modern English only 2 words end in “gry”: “hungry” and “angry”.

The word “News” consists of letters showing North, East, West and South in the compass.

Список учнів 1 мовного загону 2 групи «Crazy Bee»

  1. Белей Дарина
  2. Галуха Богдана
  3. Дудечка Софія
  4. Карпин Софія
  5. Корнієвич Максим
  6. Лещук Юлія
  7. Мельничук Антон
  8. Осінчук Олеся
  9. Ривачук Анна
  10. Шевчук Дмитро
  11. Ящук Віталій

Тренер: Чайковська Людмила Михайлівна

Додатки: план, презентація.